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  • The First Impressions Team

                                                                            The First Impressions Team  at  First Impressions of Phoenix

Let us spend some time with you as a real estate consultant. We might have a nugget of knowledge that will be beneficial as you take that next step in real estate.

The FIRST IMPRESSIONS TEAM feel they are unique. They continually research, analyze, and evaluate the housing market, and present their clients with comprehensive, detailed and informative data. Their expertise in real estate investing and management and their years of experience provide a wealth of knowledge that's available to their clients through consulting.

The team knows that today's consumers are looking for the least expensive option to reach their goal in buying and selling a home.  With creative attitudes, they consistently surprise their clients with innovative techniques that maximize the bottom line. They have helped many homeowners achieve their dreams of home ownership when the situation looked hopeless. 

Let them spend some time with you as a real estate consultant. The session is absolutely free and there is no future obligation.  During the consultation, they will help you map out a plan that makes the most sense for you. If you are selling, they will explore the risks and costs of various methods. If you are buying, they will help you understand the market and where the best deals are located.

Give them a call. They will gladly share their knowledge that will be beneficial as you take that next step in real estate.


A SUMMARY OF THE TEAM - (DBA: First Impressions of Phoenix)

Carl L. Phillips is the Designated Broker. He was first licensed for real estate sales over 30 years ago. Career changes led him away from the real estate field into corporate management and major contract negotiations, but he continued to invest in properties and carried his expertise forward to an Arizona real estate license in 2004. He has owned properties since he was 19, has managed, exchanged, improved, bought and sold throughout his career. He is a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) and a Graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI). Contact Carl at 623-340-6152 or email at

Karen M. Phillips has been a successful real estate investment owner and manager for over 29 years. She is a graduate of Elizabethtown College and has held various positions as an educator, corporate sales representative, and credit manager. Her dedication toward understanding the client's needs and then executing a plan to achieve her client's goals, has been paramount in her career. She was licensed as a real estate agent in Arizona in 2006 and is currently a Sales Associate with First Impressions of Phoenix. Contact Karen at 623-340-6137 or email at

Suzanne M. Dodson (Suzy) is a licensed REALTOR and an Arizona native who studied at Arizona State University for a career in teaching. She has used that training as a Consultant for a global relocation company, helping clients learn to be successful as they move into the country and the great state of Arizona. She is excited to assist you in your search for a place to call home and/or sell your current property. Contact Suzy at 480-216-6007 or email at

Jun Cleveland comes to us with 4 years experience as a real estate agent in Japan where she managed over 300 properties. As a military spouse, she currently has extensive contacts within the Luke AFB facility and is working to expand her support to those families. She speaks and writes fluently in Chinese, Japanese and English. Contact Jun at 210-883-5601 or email at  

Cecilia Mulroy first joined our team in April, 2013 immediately after obtaining her Arizona real estate license. We were then with RE/MAX Professionals and were overjoyed to have her as a new agent with a very high level of enthusiasm. Soon however, another team position became available that would give her more opportunity for growth and we advised her to take that option. She excelled in that environment, spent time as a Sales Associate and then obtained her Broker's license. She also recruited her mother, Connie, and her sister, Camile, as agents. Cecilia has a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Angeles University Foundation, she lived most of her life in the Philippines but has called the Phoenix area her home for the past few years. We welcome her back, she has met high expectations as an agent and we are anxious to see how she can help us grow the team with newer technology, social media and a younger client base. Please contact Cecilia at 602-577-5797 or email her at

Connie S. Mulroy has a degree in Accounting and is a natural entrepreneur. She has experience with real estate flipping and investing with her husband, and recently acquired her real estate license. She is the proud mother of Cecilia and Camile, and hopes to one day include her youngest daughter, Cheyenne, in the family real estate business. Contact Connie at 602-558-8377 or email her at

Camile Solidum is a part-time real estate agent and a full time registered nurse. She is currently finishing up her Master's degree in Family Nurse Practice. She has been an agent for over 3 years and enjoys relating her real estate expertise to other medical professionals. She also has experience with real estate investments, acquisitions, and resale. Contact Camile at 602-388-9359 or email her at

We formed The FIRST IMPRESSIONS TEAM to gain synergy from teamwork. We are interested in expanding the team with quality agents who want to associate with us to provide residential real estate service to the Phoenix area. We have various levels of participation, depending upon your qualifications. If you have an interest, send a request for a private interview to

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