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The following links are provided to help you with your upcoming home financing. Each of the individuals listed are outstanding professionals who would be pleased to answer your questions about financing options. Tell them you are working with our team and ask them for their premium service. We expect that level of service from them and you deserve it.

The order listed has nothing to do with seniority nor preference, they are listed strictly in alphabetical order by Last Name.

There are programs that exist that you might benefit from, IF Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac owns your mortgage. Check the links below to find out.

For information about Rural Loans (USDA) see the Research & Documents Tab - Important Announcements.


Everything you ever needed to know about your Credit Score can be found at one of the two links below.

There is considerable confusion on Credit Scores because there are at least two different scales that are used by different lending organizations. The FICO (founded by Bill Fair and Earl Isaac) Score is most widely used, however, the three Credit Bureaus have developed their own scale and sometimes use (VantageScore) which, they claim, is a better judge of your credit standing.

The important point to all consumers is: WHICH scale is being used?

The FICO scale ranges from 300 (poor) to 850 (perfect). The VantageScore scale ranges from 501 (poor) to 990 (perfect). The midpoint of each is approximately 575 (FICO) and 745 (VantageScore). You need to understand your score relative to each scale and communicate it to whomever needs it. Don't expect a Lender to offer you superior credit for a 745 VantageScore when they use FICO. You will be shocked when they refuse credit or charge a higher rate.

Have some fun and learn more about your Credit Score.

Everybody should check their credit reports on an annual basis. Do not be misled by, their reports ARE NOT FREE. Follow the link below to to request a copy of your report from each of the three credit reporting agencies. Those reports are truly FREE.

There are four areas that Lenders review when a loan application is made. Think of them as the Four Cs.
CHARACTER - Job History, years with your employer, years in the same field. FICO score: 620 to 770 (mid score) are the usual parameters. Below 620 FICO makes it harder to qualify, but it can be done.
CAPACITY - Income, pension, social security. There are two ratios used by lenders: Front End and Back End DTI. Front End is your total payment (PITI) on your new loan divided by your gross income. The Front End DTI should be 31% or less. Back End is all of your debts (credit cards, car payments, child support, house payment, etc.) divided by your gross income. Back End DTI should be 43% or less.
CAPITAL - Money in the bank after down payment. IRA, 401K, savings. The higher the better. This answers the question, What if there is a job loss? Best to have 4 to 6 months reserves, but not necessarily required.
COLLATERAL - The value of the property you are buying and the Loan To Value ratio (LTV). If you are buying a $100,000 home and you put $20,000 down, your LTV is 80%. The lower the LTV, the more secure the lender feels and the less likely you will be walking away from the mortgage.
(The above information supplied by Jim Carney, "The Loan Guy", of The Lending Company)


If you are confused about all of the current government programs and wonder if you qualify for any, then you should call this free counseling service for clarification. They will ask you for pertinent information about your assets, your income, your credit situation and your current loan situation. Based on that input, they can tell you IF you qualify and give you advice on how to proceed. Call 1-800-308-2227 or follow the link to their web site below.


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